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Meet the FMGateway Team

A Team of FileMaker Web Publishing Experts

When you host with FMGateway, you get a team of individuals with over 9 years of FileMaker web publishing expertise.  We began writing FileMaker websites with FileMaker 4. Since then we have created over 400 FileMaker driven websites for clients around the world.

We believe that in order to offer amazing hosting services you need to not only be an expert in FileMaker hosting, but also in FileMaker web publishing.  We wrote the online tools that come with our hosting packages including our special browser based Database Management System and JumpStart.

The FMGateway team consists of web experts, published authors, and programmers that focus on developing tools to facilitate FileMaker web publishing.  The main difference between us and other hosting services is commitment and innovation.  We are constantly working on new ways to improve our services and provide a better experience for our customers.

Innovation also means that we are continually learning.  We stay on the front line of development by maintaining a steady flow of FileMaker web consulting.  Our company continues to work daily with companies and individuals building FileMaker websites.

The FMGateway Team

The FMGateway team has written over 10,000 pages on FileMaker Web Technology.  Our articles appear in Advisor Magazine, and our books are available from WordWare Publications and LuLu Publishing.  We have been interviewed by numerous FileMaker blogs and Inside Mac Radio.  We also author an online FileMaker newsletter that is read by nearly 10,000 FileMaker enthusiast. We are also the proud winners of the 2007 Mad Dog Award presented by FileMaker Inc.

FMGateway is a service of FMWebschool, creators of JumpStart, FMStudio, Dolphin Cart, FM Messenger and numerous other 3rd Party development tools to facilitate FileMaker web publishing.